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Poor Man's SimulCam: Real-Time And Effortless MatchMoving


Event TitleRoomStartEnd
Demos and PostersTBA02 Oct, 2013 01:30 PM02 Oct, 2013 04:30 PM
Markéta Dubská
István Szentandrási
Michal Zachariáš
Adam Herout
In this article, we propose an instant matchmoving solution for green screen. It uses a recent technique of planar uniform marker fields. Marker fields are an extension of planar markers used in augmented reality, offering better reliability and performance suitable for our task: tolerance to occlusion, speed of detection, and use of arbitrary low-contrast colors. We show that marker fields of shades of green (or blue or other color) can be used to obtain an instant and effortless camera pose estimation. We provide exemplar applications of the presented technique: virtual camera/simulcam and live storyboarding or shot prototyping. The matchmoving technique based on marker fields of shades of green is very computationally efficient - our measurements show that the matchmoving preview and living storyboard editing and recording can be easily done on today's ultramobile devices. Our technique is thus available to anyone at low cost and with easy setup, opening space for new levels of filmmakers' creative expression.