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Welcome to ISMAR 2013!

Tracking Competition - EOI

ISMAR 2013 Tracking Competition:
“Expression of Interest”

We are inviting you to submit an Expression of Interest for ISMAR 2013 Tracking Competition. This is the 6th ISMAR tracking competition, but this year will be our first outdoor tracking competition.

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Description: Macintosh HD:Users:winyuc:Desktop:ISMAR 2013:Tracking Competition:Survey Photos:etc:20130821_153954 small.jpg Description: Macintosh HD:Users:winyuc:Desktop:ISMAR 2013:Tracking Competition:Survey Photos:etc:20130821_153506 small.jpg

The theme for this year is an outdoor urban environment, where there are tall buildings, narrow pathways between buildings, natural features such as trees as well as open areas. A set of 3D coordinates of known locations in the competition area will be given to contestants for calibration.

The competition consists of three tasks:

1. Navigation

Contestants will walk through a series of 3D coordinate points. Our judges will use a camcorder to record the contestant’s pathway and how close they are to the target points.

2. Object Identification

Contestants will identify objects that locate at the given 3D coordinates. Our judges will take a photo of the objects identified by the contestants.

3. Determination of an Object’s 3D coordinates

Contestants will determine the 3D coordinates of real-world objects that are indicated by our judges.

The tasks are relatively straightforward; however, the difficulty of this competition comes with its urban surrounding. The location is at the City East Camus of the University of South Australia. This is in the CBD of Adelaide and adjacent the North Terrace location of the University of Adelaide. Some areas will have limited access to GNSS signals such as between tall buildings, will be very close to buildings, or are under tall leafy trees; in these locations contestants will have to augment GNSS or rely upon other positioning sensors. Furthermore, the unpredictability of outdoor lighting conditions (such as cloudy skies, strong reflected light from building windows and dark alleys) will test the robustness of the contestants’ visual tracking systems. The competition offers an opportunity to demonstrate how the state-of-art outdoor tracking systems perform in a very dynamic and challenging environment.

The preparation day will be on Wednesday Oct 2, 2013, when a set of 3D coordinates of known fixed locations will be given to contestants for calibration. Contestants can perform calibration at any time and as long as it occurs in that day. However, contestants are not allowed to leave any of their calibration markers (if any) after the calibration is finished. Please also note that we do not have a permission to make any invasive modification to the buildings (e.g. put a nail into an outside wall to hang calibration markers).

The contest itself will be on Thursday Oct 3, 2013, when, at the contestant’s allocated timeslot, the contestant team will be given a set of instructions corresponding to the task described above. Contestants can use any technology they like to complete the tracking competition.

Judgment of the competition will occur immediately following the event and the results announced at the ISMAR closing ceremony on Friday, October 4 th.

By Friday September 13, we will need to receive the Expression of Interest from at least 2 teams before the competition can be officially confirmed. Please email if you are interested in competing. You should also briefly explain the background of your team.

We look forward to receiving your EOI for this year ISMAR tracking competition.

Tracking Competition co-Chairs

Winyu Chinthammit, HIT Lab Australia, University of Tasmania

Gerhard Reitmayr